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2 Simple Ways To Attract & Retain Talent In A Post-COVID World

While we aren’t in a post-COVID world just yet, as I sit to write this in late December of 2020, there is some relief in sight with some approved vaccines. While the construction/restoration industry is different from desk jobs that went remote in March and likely remain so, there are some lessons we can take away from this pandemic on recruiting and attracting good talent.

  1. Team Safety

In restoration, safety it is normal for safety to be top-of-mind on the job site. But now, companies are looking at the overall health of their team; not just keeping them healthy at work. What are some ways you can keep that level of care going? Perhaps it’s little personal-care packages in the work vehicles once in a while. Think about some hand sanitizer, a new company-branded mask, a bottle of water, some snacks, etc. Also, consider personal PPE bags that are labeled and belong specifically to individual employees, and are restocked with fresh equipment as needed.

  1. Overall Appreciation

This might seem basic, but employee appreciation can fall to the wayside in the busyness and grind of restoration. If you’re in the industry, you’re expected to grab those boots and head out to a 2 a.m. sewage loss, without question. As a leader, don’t forget the importance and value of a simple thank you. Perhaps your appreciation goes beyond that, to an on-call bonus, or incentives for team members who specifically offer to work more of those on-call nights.

What are some other ways you can appreciate your team? One of our clients likes to give out goody bags to their teams once in a while. Others do caught-doing-good prizes, for which employees nominate employees. Is there a reward for a good customer review? Incentivizing good work, even with silly prizes, can get greater buy-in from your team!

Wishing you health & good hires!