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Choosing The Right Recruiter For Your Construction Company

Recruiters an headhunters these days seem to be about a dime a dozen. However, they are not all created equal, nor offer the services and value to their clients. There are several criteria to consider when finding the right recruiting company, and recruiter, for your restoration or construction company.

Fields Of Expertise

Some recruiting companies hiring for all industries at all levels, while others have niche areas of expertise. For example, at Wylander, we specialize in recruiting for property damage restoration companies. Why? Because that is where our backgrounds are! Our founder, Kristy, and her husband and partner, Justin, have been working in the restoration world in one capacity or another for well more than a decade. Likewise, some of our recruiters also have backgrounds in restoration in one way or another.

Why does this matter? It matters because we understand the type of person it takes to thrive in the restoration industry. For estimators, we understand Xactimate is likely a needed skill, or something they would be able to learn quickly. We understand the importance of being able to be on call, and the ability to be empathetic with customers.

In addition to knowing the industry, Wylander is involved in the industry, whereas an outside recruiting firm likely is not. Members of the Wylander team attend conferences like Contractor Connection and the RIA’s International Restoration Convention & Industry Expo. Plus, our team works hand-in-hand with some of the top business advisors in the restoration industry to find top talent for their clients.

Fee Structure

There are different ways recruiting companies charge for their services. Perhaps the most common method is to charge a percentage of the new employee’s yearly salary. For example, some companies charge 10%, so for an employee making $60,000 a year, the recruiting firm would bill you for $6,000.

At Wylander, we charge a flat fee for our services.

Services Offered

We do a large part of the legwork for our clients throughout the hiring process! We believe a sound recruiting and hiring process yields much better results for candidates and clients alike. We ensure the entire process is timely and professional. This process includes:

  • Intake call to learn about your company, its culture, the position you’re looking to fill, and more.
  • Writing a job description for your approval.
  • Posting the job to a variety of top job search sites, featuring the right keywords to attract qualified candidates.
  • Using a number of resources to seek out and contact potential candidates for your position (we don’t just filter through applications – we GO LOOK for talent for you!).
  • Completing a first round phone interview for you, which results in a very detailed report sent to you along with the candidate’s resume.
  • Assistance in setting up all interviews.
  • Requesting candidates of great interest to complete a DISC personality assessment to help you better understand their strengths, and how they fit into your team.
  • Calling references, and providing you a detailed report.
  • Drawing up and presenting job offers. We also help with any negotiations and answering questions throughout this, and the entire hiring process.
  • Processing a background check that is approved by all the major carriers and third party administrators in the restoration industry.

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