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Dear Kristy: How Can I Recruit Top Construction Talent?

recruiting employees, hiring employeesDear Kristy,

Despite the pandemic, the competition for construction workers – project managers, estimators, superintendents, etc. – is tough in our region! We have a nearly continual need for these positions as our own company continues to experience explosive growth. Of course, we use Wylander for a lot of our hiring needs, but internally, what can we do to also be more attractive to the pool of candidates in our community?

Mark H.

Hi Mark –

This is a great question! We have lots of clients in the very same boat, and while we love to help, the more we can work together to lure in great candidates, the better! I have seven tips for you that I think will help!.

  1. Streamline Your Process

A long, drawn-out interview and hiring process is a turnoff in today’s go-go-go world. I certainly understand wanting to be sure about your hires before extending an offer, but with the right process and questions, you should know if someone is a good fit after two interviews, tops. Delayed responses, a week or more in between interviews, and lots of back and forth on decision-making can turn candidates off from your company. Please, keep the ball rolling, and be responsive.

  1. Offer Tangible Results

In a big way here, I mean have a good bonus and commission structure. The best project managers and estimators we hire are willing to take a slightly lower base pay if the commission structure is lucrative. This can be a win-win for everyone! Remember – the more work they produce for the company, the more money you both make!

  1. Competitive Compensation Package

This goes along with #2. Know the market rate for the position you’re trying to hire (if you don’t know it, we can probably help!), and make sure you’re in line with that! Also, as a word of caution, we are finding more and more candidates in this pandemic world wanting health benefits. If you aren’t yet big enough to have a company policy, you might need to get a little creative for people you really want to hire.

  1. Pursue Passive Candidates

Just because someone is doing OK in their current position, or is even satisfied with it, doesn’t mean they won’t leave for the right opportunity. If your company has a good culture and you can offer a stellar candidate good growth opportunity, don’t be afraid to pursue that! Of course, be mindful of any ethical issues with this, depending on your relationship with the potential candidate’s current employer. We certainly don’t recommend burning bridges!