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DISC Coaching

Gain an edge by unlocking and understanding your personality.

Improve teamwork, communication, and productivity with personalized insights.

Building a strong team and a workplace that is collaborative, supportive, and positive is not impossible. 

Wylander provides DISC Coaching services designed to help you and your team identify your unique DISC profile. This helps you understand what motivates you, how your fears may be holding you back, and how you can communicate at your best. 

Do you want to build a great team, improve productivity, and grow your business?

 Unlock your team’s pontential and gain a clear understanding of your team’s motivators, fears, and blind spots today with DISC Coaching from Wylander.


Lead More Effecitvely with DISC Coaching

Be a Better Manager

Learn how to communicate more effectively with different personality types.

Improve Productivity

Understand each personality’s motivation to unlock your team’s full potential.

Hire Better

Identify the ideal personality for each role inside your company for a great fit.

Let’s get started.

How it Works

DISC Coaching is offered for a six-month, ongoing agreement. Our program is designed to set your company up for success with comprehensive DISC assessments, ongoing consulting, employee training, and executive coaching.

How Does DISC Coaching Work?

DISC is an incredibly powerful tool for teams, and workplaces that utilize DISC profiling often experience increased collaboration, fewer conflicts, and greater innovation and growth.

Discover how DISC can help you communicate better and foster a healthier, happier workplace today.

We really appreciate the professionalism and flexibility Wylander has provided A&J over the past year. Wylander stepped up when a candidate didn't work out and helped us find a new person for our Operations Manager position. We are now searching for another position and have teamed with Wylander again.

Kent Rawhouser, A&J Property Restoration DKI

I had been looking for the perfect position for a while when Michelle Blevins contacted me with the one. It was the exact thing I was chasing and it found me through Wylander. The process was so smooth from beginning to end. Michelle was able to set the proper expectations for next steps. That is so important when job searching! I would recommend Wylander to any employer looking to fill a position. Thank you, Wylander team!

Shelli B

We have recruited many great candidates with the help of Wylander. We will continue to use them whenever we have a need! They understand our needs and handle all the details. Thanks for making this hiring experience a great one!

Angela Cipriano