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Finding A New Job During A Pandemic

hiring tips, essential businessesThe coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we know it in nearly every way imaginable. Some experts predict unemployment will surpass Great Depression levels within the next few months; others predict the economy will rebound when businesses are able to reopen. Time will tell.

Either way, restoration companies are still hiring! This is an industry relatively untouched by economic downturns as much of the work they do is paid for by insurance policies, and deemed necessary. Wylander still has dozens of clients searching for skilled construction workers for positions like operations manager, project manager, estimator, business development representative, crew chief, and more!

If you are looking for a new job during the pandemic, or during any time of uncertainty, hold onto hope! Here are some tips for a successful job search:

  1. Give yourself a timeline.

If you are out of work right now and really in need of a new position ASAP, consider your job search as your current full time job. The more time you devote to it, the more successful you will be in a shorter time frame. This means not only applying for jobs, but not being afraid to make calls to companies you apply to in order to follow up on an application, scouring the internet for contact information for hiring managers at those companies, searching company websites for job openings instead of just relying on job posting sites like Indeed and CareerBuilder, and so on. The hard work will pay off, and believe it or not, something as simple as following up on an application is rare from candidates today, and will therefore set you ahead of the pack if you’re qualified for the position.

  1. Refresh your resume and online profiles.

If you have recent job history not on your resume, it’s time to give it a refresh! While you’re at it, don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile, and upload your resume to other places where companies search for qualified candidates. While you’re doing this, think about buzzwords related to restoration and construction that will help recruiters and employers find you on those job search sites. This includes words like Xactimate, IICRC, water damage, moisture meters, and more.

A quick LinkedIn tip – they will grade you based on the thoroughness of your profile, and make suggestions on how to make it even better!

  1. Grow your online network.

Once your resume and LinkedIn profile are updated, start growing your network! As you’re reaching out to hiring managers and recruiters to follow up on applications, add them on LinkedIn! Also, think about searching for companies on LinkedIn to which you have applied, or may apply, to see if you know any of their current or past employees! Having the right connections, and showing initiative, will get you a long way!

  1. Take time for professional and personal growth.

Is there a skill you could brush up on during quarantine, or before you land a new position that could help you excel? Perhaps it’s taking an online Xactimate training course. Or, try looking into online certification courses through the IICRC on a variety of topics. Outside the industry, perhaps you’ve been interested in a particular sales course or something else – now is your chance!