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$500 discount

if you hire a Veteran

Looking for a hard-working, disciplined employee? Hire a Vet!! Wylander is offering a $500 discount to any of our clients that hire a veteran. Not only will you receive a discount, but you will find an employee whose character is based on leadership, teamwork, respect, and integrity! Wylander firmly believes in giving back to the community and showing gratitude and respect for United States veterans. What better way can we do that than by helping unemployed vets find work?

Why Should You Hire A Vet?

Hiring a United States vet can often help our you and your company more than you can help them! Enhance your company’s productivity with real world transferable skills that experienced vets have. Working in any branch of the U.S. military gives vets an increased learning curve that can help your company grow. The work ethics that vets are trained to have is impeccable! They are tough, hard-working, and have respect for procedures and rules. They have been taught to understand why rules are in place, why teamwork is necessary, and why strong leadership skills are valued in the workforce. Not only are veterans true members of any team, but they know that health and safety regulations are important and how they benefit your company. Many veterans have had to overcome physical disabilities to re-enter the workforce. This type of strength, adversity, and perseverance is definitely the type of character you want helping you on a daily basis.

Take advantage of our $500 discount and hire a vet today!