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Hiring Tips For Essential Businesses

hiring tips, essential businessesAt Wylander, we are working hard with many restoration contractors who are working harder than ever during the covronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Most states consider restoration companies “essential businesses” as they are offering cleaning and disinfection services to their communities, in addition to responding to fire and water damage incidents.

This also brings a lot of questions and unknowns for businesses, like restoration contractors, that are still hiring. What’s safe to do? What isn’t? What does the hiring process look like if we aren’t meeting in person? And so many more.

Here are our best tips for hiring during a pandemic:

  1. Embrace Technology

Video interviews can be almost as good as sitting with someone in person! First, if you are intimidated by this technology, don’t be. It’s truly as easy as clicking a link that opens up a video chat. At Wylander, we have the ability to set up video interviews for you. All you need is a computer with a webcam. If you are looking for a video platform yourself, we recommend Zoom. It is free for up to 40 minutes, and up to 100 people in the room. It’s inexpensive to upgrade if you need more than that.

This is a great way to bring different parties to the table. For example, if you’re avoiding having most people come to the office these days, you could have an interview between the company owner, the operations manager, the production manager, and a candidate – with everyone safely practicing social distancing from their homes.

Plus, you can tell a lot by how much someone prepares for a video interview. Despite being in their home, how is the candidate dressed? Where are they seated? Is it upright at a desk or kitchen table, or are they lounging in an easy chair? Are they speaking professionally as they would in a formal interview? If you’re treating it seriously, good candidates will too.

  1. Don’t Stop the Process

This is vital. If you need to hire someone for any construction-related position, now is the time. Many general contractors have seen work come to a screeching halt, and we are seeing an influx of construction candidates who have been laid off during the pandemic and are job hunting. Of course, be aware of the ones who are truly ready to move into a new position versus ones who might go back to their old employer when this is over. Asking the right interview questions and really getting to know a candidate’s character will help you figure that out.

Regardless, once the process is moving, see it through as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t be afraid to hire based on video interviews, personality assessments, and reference checks.

  1. Ask for Help

If you are slammed with cleaning and disinfecting work, and struggling to keep up with your hiring needs in the process, we are here to help! Now might be the perfect time to hand your staffing needs over to a professional recruiting company. At Wylander, we will handle creating a job description and posting it to top job sites, finding qualified candidates, thoroughly screening and vetting them, setting up all interviews, requesting personality assessments, calling references, writing and presenting offers, processing background checks, and more.

While you’re helping your community, let us help you!