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Navigating Hiring in a Season of Unknowns

hiring employees, recruiting employeesAs a restoration contractor, you are likely in a very unique situation during the COVID-19 outbreak. While many businesses are closing their doors or having their employees work remotely, restorers are business as usual – and maybe more. For companies that offer disinfection services, this period may be busier than ever. Our industry is a bit immune to economic conditions. While there are many uncertainties right now, there are also still many guarantees; pipes don’t stop failing, houses don’t stop burning, and mold doesn’t stop growing.

All this likely means you still have staffing needs, and now might be the time to step on the gas! Here are some ways to navigate hiring in this season of unknowns:

  1. Prioritize your needs. Think long-term. Were you in need of a project manager this week? Then it’s likely you will still need one when this is all over. Due to the unfortunate impact the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak is having on the economy, there might be an influx of qualified candidates in the coming weeks and months. Use this opportunity to figure out what holes you need to fill in your company. Is there a position you’ve just left vacant knowing the candidate pool has been difficult until now? Let’s get it back on the list now! Prioritize your hiring needs and get cracking looking for candidates, or enlisting Wylander to handle all of that for you!
  2.  Be mindful of social distancing. While it’s pretty difficult to be socially distant when your business is running full speed ahead, candidates may not be in the same boat. For a first round interview, consider doing it via FaceTime or Skype. We can also help facilitate this for you through our RingCentral software. On this same note, please don’t pressure candidates to come for in-person interviews at this time. Be mindful that while they may not be concerned about getting sick, they may be concerned about others – like elderly parents – who they are helping right now.
  3. Trust the process. Above all, trust the process. If you have immediate hiring needs, at least try to keep with the normal hiring process but speed it up. It could look something like this:
    1. Receive a candidate from Wylander on Monday.
    2. Bring them in Tuesday for an interview (OR a video interview).
    3. DISC And References complete by Wednesday.
    4. Second interview Thursday morning.
    5. Offer sent to candidate by Thursday afternoon.

Foregoing the process can be very tempting; we get it. But if you are a Wylander client, you know our process is in place for a reason – it helps guarantee the candidates we send you will join your company and be there to stay for a while.

Along this line, try to make sure you have some sort of onboarding process in place, even if they’re getting to work from day one. This is a very chaotic time, and just like you want your current team to feel safe and confident – it is important new hires feel the same!

Stay healthy + safe!

If you have any hiring needs or questions, we are here to help! Email