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Negotiating Your Job Offer

Did you just get a job offer? YAY! Congrats! 

Do you have some questions you want to ask, or want to try to negotiate in some areas? That’s OK! 

Negotiating and clarifying things about the company, their benefits package, job expectations, etc. is part of the job hunting process, and we facilitate conversations like this between our candidates and clients every single day. That said, when you’re the candidate, it’s wise to be tactful with your questions and what to ask for.

The first thing to consider is the base pay offer itself. Where does it fall compared to the base salary on the job posting?

If it’s low, do you feel your skillset and experience is worth more than the current offer? If you are coming in with the exact experience they said they are looking for in the job posting, you might have some ground to negotiate for more money. On the flip side, if you’re somewhat lacking on the skillsets needed but trainable, it might mean starting at the lower amount but you can have a conversation now about what company leadership needs to see from you for you to make yourself worth more to the company. 

If the salary is on the high side, be mindful of this when you are trying to negotiate for other things in the offer as well – such as more vacation time, a moving allowance, etc. That’s not to say you can’t or shouldn’t negotiate for more, but it would be wise to at least tell the company you appreciate their generous offer before starting to ask for more. 

One of the big topics we’re finding in many job negotiations today is health benefits. With so many changes in insurance over the last decade or so, company coverage varies widely, as do employee contributions. Don’t be afraid to ask what the employee contribution for coverage is if you need to know to factor everything out in your budget! 

Be prepared for companies to get creative, and be prepared to be creative yourself if you’re looking for a little more from your next employer! Conveying your excitement about their company and offer will go a long way.