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Reasons To Consider A Job Change

Leaving a job, especially during a time of uncertainly, is a big decision to make. During the pandemic, we have found many candidates who would love to make a job change but are hesitant to give up a “steady” job. The good news is that if you work in the restoration industry, companies are busy – and the work is there, regardless of pandemics or economic downturns. If you were in another industry, such as hospitality, retail, or restaurants, you might be in a different boat.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average person will hold around 10 different jobs before the age of 50, and they expect that number to rise. It is also estimated that people change careers five to seven times before reaching retirement.

Whether you are in the property damage restoration industry right now or thinking about moving into it, now is a great time to make a change. The labor shortage for skilled tradespeople continues across the board. Every few days, another restoration company reaches out to us looking for project managers, estimators, branch managers, and so on. If you are from outside the industry, it is also possible to find a company willing to train you up on the skills you need if your work ethic and personality are a match for their culture.

Here are some of the big reasons most people decide they’re ready for a job change. Are your reasons similar?

  1. Values have changed.

Just like any relationship, sometimes values change, and it’s time to go in different directions. With all the mergers and acquisitions happening in the restoration industry today, we talk to a lot of candidates who have seen cultural shifts when the company they’ve worked for often for many years was purchased by another entity. What fits you at 19 as a water tech might not fit you at 35 as a senior project manager. Perhaps paychecks mean less and passion, stability, and a great workplace mean more. If that’s you, it might mean it is time for a change.

  1. You need a new challenge.

We often meet candidates who are ready for a change because they no longer feel challenged in their current position, and things feel stagnant. Often, there is also no room for upward movement for them within the organization. For certain people, starting a new job with a new company will present new, exciting opportunities and challenges. A new position can also help you move into that next level.

  1. You’re just no happy

Discontent at work can be rooted in a lot of things. First off, just like we talked about in #1, perhaps your passion has shifted! While you were motivated by a good paycheck in your early 20’s, maybe you love mentoring and training new people in your early 40’s!

Job satisfaction is linked in many academic studies to overall life satisfaction. Has your spouse or significant other ever been completely unhappy at work? Think of how that can have an effect on life overall.

Let’s lump burnout into that. The restoration industry is notorious for burnout due to the long hours and physical and mental loads restorers carry.

While there may be nothing inherently wrong with your job, or the company you work for, it is still possible to be unhappy at work. When this happens, try making a pros and cons list and consider reasons to stay versus reasons to try something new.

Every recruiter and hiring manager will likely ask you what has you ready for a job change if you’re currently employed. So think about your answer, and don’t hesitate to be honest. We have heard it all!