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Restoring Success: Hiring Outside the Industry

wylanderOne of the biggest challenges for our industry in recent years is talent acquisition. For all positions, from technicians to estimators to managers, finding the right people to join the team has been a struggle for many companies. If you have not done so already, there is a great opportunity in expanding your search for your next great team member.

I asked an expert, Justin Sifford, Recruiter and Certified Behavioral Consultant at Wylander, who specializes in talent acquisition and placement for the Restoration Industry for his perspective and thoughts on expanding searches. He shared the following to consider:

  • Even the best in our industry had a first day.
  • An advantage to hiring outside the industry is training. Employers have an opportunity to train non-experienced candidates on how they want things done. They can set expectations without the resistance they may often face with experienced candidates. Fair warning, if you don’t have a good training plan in place, the likelihood of successfully integrating non-experienced employees drops.
  • What about the secret sauce? As a business owner, we need to look at the inner dynamics of our company. By not bringing in new talent from outside the industry we are creating an environment of group thinking. The secret sauce is what makes our business different from others, and a balance of experience and outsiders’ perspective is what makes this secret sauce so good. Just like any recipe, sometimes we need to change an ingredient for an amazing outcome. It really comes down to that old saying sometimes “we don’t know what we don’t know.”

Learn more about the many advantages to consider when hiring outside the industry.

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